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Filly from Royal Diamond - Ragazzo - Der Clou - Pelikan   

Filly from Royal Diamond - Ragazzo - Der Clou - Pelikan    Filly from Royal Diamond - Ragazzo - Der Clou - Pelikan

Rubinelle two months old and on the right below three months old


Rubinelle (Mare/Rheinland / Brown / )

Rubinelle is Rawelle's first foal. Hence she is not taking her eyes of her little filly. The little one is very
courageous and friendly. 
Rubinelle shows a lot of natural dressage potential as to be expected looking at her pedigree. She likes
to work and always tries to please her rider. She had a good balance from the beginning with three
good basic gaites and especially a very good walk.  

Rubinelle's father Royal Diamond, performance test winner, Vice-Bundeschampion of the 5 year old and
Bundeschampion of the 6 years old dressage horses has won 40 dressage competitions up to Grand Prix
before he retired in 2009. He competed highly successful on Grand Prix and Intermediaire II level. His
extraordinary black and white jacket indicates, just like his type, the influence of the beautiful Anglo
Arabian Inshallah.
HIs breeding balance shows 350 successful progenies, including Royal Gala, Royal Affair, Royal Floggensee and Royaldik. So far he has produced seven approved sons. A great number of highly priced auction horses confirmes the high appreciation of his offspring, like eg Royal Milva (PSI 2009 380TEuro), Royal Concert (Vechta 2007 172TEuro), or Monet ( Classic Sales 150TEuro).
As a Rubinstein I son Royal Diamond represents one of the most important Dressage dynasties of the world. 
Rubinsteins mother Antine is the full-sister of the top dressage horses Ahlerich (Gold medal Olympic
Games Los Angeles, double World- and four times European Champion ) and Amon (three times
participant of Olympic Games ). Her full-sister Adone gave birth to the exceptional dressage horse
Rembrandt (two times Olympic Winner), as well as the stallions Royal Angelo I+II and other top class dressage horses. 

Rubinelle's mother father is the performance test winner Ragazzo. As the winner of his performance test
he received the highest possible score a 10 for rideability, character and his outstanding gallop. He won
dressage competitions up to St. Georg. Ragazzo's father Raphael is one of the most valuable breeding
sons of one of the best breeding stallions of the century Ramiro.

Rubinelle carrys twice the valuable blood of Ramzes, through Ramiro representing the so successful
holsteiner jumping line and through Romadour, founder of the just as successful Westfalian dressage

Rawelle's mother Donauwelle stems from the Westfalian stallion Der Clou (LdB Warendorf). Der
Clou comes out of the westfalian D-Linie, that goes back to hannoverian stallions and was founded by
the thoroughbred Devil's Own xx . The line of Dollart, which is the one Der Clou stems from, produced
mainly jumping and eventing horses.

Rawelle's grand-dam is the Westfalian state premium mare Piroschka, her and her mothers progeny won
M/A and were placed in S show jumping competitions. 

Rawelle has as a three year old completed the mares performance test with a final score of 7.51. She
achieved an above average score for rideability and shows a very active hind leg. 

There is plenty of reason to believe that Rubinelle will develop into a very rideable, versatile horse.

 Lisa Wilcox about Royal Diamond:

... was like a toy. He loved to work, always wanted to be challenged and was quickly bored. "The Boy Toy" could really read and write, the reason I liked to compare him to Albert Einstein. He had a very intellectual relationship with Ernst Hoyos and it wouldn't have surprised me to see the two of them smoking a pipe while having a philosophical discussion about dressage. Royal Diamond proved his genius very early on by becoming a Bundeschampionat winner and then learning the ABC's of Grand Prix without the slightest difficulty. Royal Diamond *1994, licensed, gray Oldenburg stallion by Rubinstein-Inschallah AA                             Source:homepage Lisa Wilcox


                                      Royal Diamond, Stallion Show Aachen 2008

Royal Diamond stallion by Rubinstein
at the Stallion Show in Aachen 2008